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My Clients

Being an escort is a way of life and profession that evolves and grows as much as any other and I don't think there is a more varied vocation as this one! Having said that there do tend to be "types" of client which I guess is to be expected as much as there are "types" of escort. I don't use the term to be derogatory or to dehumanise clients, merely to try and group together the amazing variety of personalities I am fortunate enough to meet along with a few who I would class as being unfortunate to meet.

From my time starting up until now I can honestly say not a day goes by that I am not surprised, amused, pleasured or confused by the people I meet. Some days I just want to be with a client I know and not have the added burden of figuring out someone new and hope we get on but the comfort and security of knowing and trusting the other person and having sex which feels familiar and relaxed as we both know what gets us turn on and gets us off!

Other days I want adventure, meeting someone new and being on a different wave of energy trying to discover their pleasure zones and also mind. Yes, good sex starts in the mind I am sorry to tell you!

Sometimes I am in the mood to test my intuition and maybe agree to see someone I might not usually see and take something new out of the experience and also learn something about someone so different to me that the encounter itself has the ability to change me in some small shift. These varying encounters is what shapes an escort and makes her the escort she is on the day you meet her. We take on board a lot more than you realise. We are human beings and each encounter leaves an imprint upon us albeit intentionally and unintentionally.

I have clients from every single demographic known to man. I am also amazed how different we all are as escorts to what we prefer. When I chat to my escort pals it is clear to see how we all prefer different types of client. Some girls like older, white men, some won't see men from ethnic backgrounds, too young, too old, one friend I have likes chubby men a lot, some like the intellectual who will wine and dine them and others like the quick 1 hours, some love Americans, some love Asian, some love well basically something about almost everyone! That's the beauty of all this! Variety.

I can already hear you thinking "so what is your favourite client?' well, I would be lying if I said I didn't have favourites because I do. We all do! That's life! I go through phases of what I like but I can say that I seem to get on very well with clients who know the score and can talk openly about what it is we are doing as well as other things in life.

I don't do so well with guys who are not willing to give something of themselves to me as well as me to them. Regardless of money, in order for this to work we both have to have realistic expectations of our time together, when a client starts to treat me like a sex toy it rarely works as I loose respect for the person and I think amazing sex is all about respect. I have met many a client who just hasn't realised that the way he treats people he cares about at home or at work is the same way he should treat me. Most do to be fair and that goes a long way! Money does not give a client an open ticket to do as he wishes. A client is paying for us to leave at the end and not impose on their lives. That is what the fee is for. The cost of freedom!

I have to say that rather than a type of client I like it is mainly down to how we get on and also to a point their sexual preferences. I have clients I have known for years and we know exactly what the other likes and it's fun revisiting those sensations regardless of it being weekly, monthly, every few months or even over a year ago....I love meeting a body which I know and enjoy! I can be slightly selfish and indulge myself with him more.

The new client is always peppered with a tiny amount of apprehension as I have no idea what he will look like, if our personalities will click or if we hit it off sexually. Of course it is my role to make sure that happens but I am sorry to say that we are not magicians and sometimes the magic just isn't there, that's life and it has to be the worst feeling in the world knowing neither of you got where you really wanted to be. On the other hand there is little more exhilarating than meeting someone new and having an amazing time with them and everyone leaving with a big smile on your face and an exhausted and satisfied body. Now that's a good day in the office!

I don't want to highlight any of my clients as discretion is vital but I have to tell you that one day I had a client who had literally been released from prison the morning of our meeting and had found me online while in prison! Not sure how these places work but I believe the internet is accessible therefor so am I! Anyway, that afternoon I met an ex convict who at least did tell me he had been away for some years and other than the odd cheeky wank he had remained sexless and frustrated.

I was slightly worried he has spent the last few years being bummed by other inmates in the shower but he laughed and told me that really doesn't go on! I guess it does but maybe not if you're not that way inclined. Who knows? Anyway, he was one of the most gentle and sensual men I have ever been with. My initial concerns about someone who has broken the law and what might he be capable of was not my concern and he was polite, gentlemanly and amazingly generous as a lover and I was grateful I was the woman he had chosen to reacquaint himself with again sexually. We acquainted ourselves quite a lot in that 2 hour booking! I never did find out why he had been in prison, he didn't tell and I didn't ask but I got the feeling he had learnt his lesson and from what I see and hear from time to time he is on the straight and narrow and he has transformed his life and discovered a few things about himself sexually that he didn't know until we met.

Now that very same day I took a booking from a high court judge! Yes! Who knows....maybe my two clients of the day had met before but if that was the case they had something else in common now! I was going to ask to wear his wig which was in his bag in a biscuit tin! (you couldn't make it up!) but I thought that might be a step too far so I offered to febreeze it instead to which he was very grateful!

The Judge had certainly been bummed in the showers but likely not in the prison showers but in the public school boy toilets and by whom is anyone's guess as to wether it was a teacher or fellow pupil but the judge knew all about a more corporal type of punishment and I did wonder if the two characters are really that different stripped of their labels and uniforms of life.

I meet men who are professional athletes at the top of their physical peak to men who have a limb missing or have recovered from life threatening surgery or are going through life changing treatment.

I have met every type of profession there is known to man pretty much and I have to tell you that their profession does not in anyway define them as a client or how they treat me. I have one guy who in on a low minimum wage and saves up to see me and arrives bang on time, always showers, never over stays and brings me something amazing each time. I feel bad taking his money and gifts but he assures me he gets pleasure from doing this and apparently I make his week so I guess I shouldn't question it. I am happy to make someone's day but week! Now that is a wonderful thing! He is one of my most dearly treasured clients as I know how much it means to him and I know he really doesn't undervalue or take for granted money or people. Let's hope that remains and as he crawls up the business ladder he remains cynical free and keeps his boyish charm and wide eyed appreciation to what the UK offers him.

I have also met men who have seen me regularly for a long period of time and then sadly began to push boundaries or say things to me that are not really their concern. I once had a client who I went on dinner dates with primarily. I really liked his company, I spent time sometimes texting him between bookings and we both were interested in each other's lives. He told me one day... "you will never survive in this business, you're too nice" I remember at the time thinking that was a rather weird thing to say as surely it's ok to be "nice". At the time I shrugged it off and saw it as a flippant comment. After 3 years of seeing him he just dropped off the face of the earth and I never heard from him again. I had enjoyed his company and humour for all this time and he made a decision to stop seeing me and didn't even have the courtesy of letting me know so he could have passed away for all I know. Now to me, that isn't a very "nice" thing to do to someone you have spent so much time with! But I guess like I say you pay to leave. No questions asked. Sometimes though it would be good to remember that we naturally have emotions too and would rather not end up wondering "I wonder what happened to such and such?"

Equally, there are clients which we have to stop seeing for reasons that are personal to us but if that ever happens, at least I say why.

There is one type of client which differs quite significantly from the others and that is the client who is married or has a long term partner with a serious health complication which means sex is no longer an option for them. This to me is heartbreaking as more often than not they find their way to someone like me after years of deliberation and feelings of guilt until they get to a point where having no physical intimacy just isn't an option anymore and their role as husband/partner ends up being more "carer" and they are at a stage of being in total limbo with themselves mentally and physically.

This type of client is in quite a unique position as where as other clients actually want to be with you this client would give anything to be having this experience with the person at home and as much as they like me I know their greatest loss is knowing that this won't ever be possible back home and rather than have an affair or do something which is selfish they remain loyal and have made peace with the fact that they can still have sexual intimacy but compromise on the amount of time and person they have it with. There is a deeper level of intimacy here as nothing is taken for granted ever.

This could also be said for those clients with a physical or mental issue that prevents them having anyone in their life long term but we all need human contact regardless of our situation and I have a lot of respect for this.

To be able to give a person the feeling of being cared for and touched with genuine affection is a true gift and one that keeps giving much longer than the booking may last. It's connecting with a part of themselves that has more often than not been forgotten with the waves of life and time that have taken president over anything that is not needed but sex is needed and is vital to our wellbeing. If only it was prescribed on the NHS!

So, I have such a varied life with my clients who keep me forever in surprise and keep me from ever getting bored or stagnant in my role as I am forever learning new things or seeing life in a way I possibly wouldn't if I had not met this rich and varied wonderful bunch of clients not unlike an amazing bouquet of flowers.....some smell amazing, some look amazing, some you didn't think you would like you want in your "vase" every day and others you enjoy seeing now and again and others that are growing on you! Some regardless of their beauty have sharp thorns and some will just feel like that comforting familiar pleasure while others you are not sure how much sun and water they will need to thrive but we do our best anyway and hope they blossom in your bed!

I would also like to add a quick mention for the younger client. At my age, I am in a weird position as I am quite the target for the "MILF!" type. I know! its hilarious but take the title I will if the shoe fits!

I notice I am getting quite a few rather young clientele and have to say I love meeting them! I am yet to meet a young client who is not charming, cute and totally respectful as well as bringing something to the table that is unique to their age.

That something is "freshness". Life hasn't made them cynical yet and their outlook on the world is one we could all learn from. Keep an open mind and don't judge a book by it's cover. I am fortunate enough to get to spend time with people I may have some influence is shaping as well as people who have also had an influence in shaping me.

The ever decreasing circle goes on and we all get on the bus and hope for an enjoyable journey and if that one wasn't quite hitting the spot just be patient, they say if you wait for long enough all the buses come together! Now there's a novel idea!

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