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Puerto Banus

I’ve lived through some of the most wild, unimaginable, unforgettable nights in Marbella & Puerto Banus. Overpacked Ferraris being stopped by the police at 4am, cars breaking down between Nikki Beach and Puerto Banus, spontaneous trips to other countries the night I should be flying home, finding myself at the embassy to get a new passport looking like a drag queen, with tragically smudged makeup which was applied 24 hours earlier and a white dress stained in jäger. I love sharing the stories of what I live through and quite frankly what I live for. I like to laugh a lot and feel alive. People might think I am crazy, but so far I can put my hand on my heart and say I’ve truly lived the life that I chose. In my opinion the worst sin is to allow and accept a boring life.

When people talk about going to Marbella, they actually mean that they’re off to party in the luxurious town of Puerto Banus. I often see Facebook posts saying ‘no carbs before Marbs’ showing off a bowl of rabbit food for breakfast, but the truth is that most people don’t even venture out the vicinity of the Marina. When you get there, you will understand why.

The only way I can describe this area in Spain is that it is similar to St Tropez in France- known as one of the most upper class towns in the world. It boasts an endless supply of restaurants, bars, clubs and boutique shops to keep you entertained throughout your stay- which is lucky really because if you were after a sight seeing vacation you have chose the wrong place!

For those of you who have read my previous blogs will know that I have a sidekick…after all, two girls are better than one right? You can make up your own mind about Sarah from the picture of her in the sea at Nikki Beach below. This picture is the tamest of the bunch but I know what horrific images she has stacked up of me for a rainy day. So I won’t even bother bribing her over the beauts I have of her but if she does as much as refuse a tequila shot one night then they are going viral. Sar rolling around in the sea fully clothed with a salt water filled clutch wasn’t one of her finest moments, neither one that she can remember. This is what happens after two bottles on Dom Perignon and about 25 espresso martinis later. Another thing I can tell you about Sar is that I couldn’t ask for a better friend/travel buddy/therapist and over my next few blogs as we party our way around the world you will find out exactly why I chose her to be one of the two, loves of my life.

The funniest bit about writing about nightlife is when my “research” takes us into the early hours of the morning and we walk home after sunrise in last night’s dress and Jimmy Choo’s, while suited businessman pass us by, briefcase in one hand and a coffee in the other with suspicious yet envious wide spread grin. Some might call it the walk of shame, but I consider it the stint of success.

Let me tell you about a few of my favorite party places in Marbella & Puerto Banus. I feel like Nikki Beach Marbella is the perfect starting point:

1) Nikki Beach is surely one of the best hangouts and is actually located in Marbella. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Nikki Beach boasts elements of music, dining, entertainment, fashion, film and art into one. The universal menu consists of delectable dishes presenting signature tastes and spices symbolic of all the countries Nikki Beach is located.

From yacht parties to sunset bbqs Nikki has something special for everybody and you are guaranteed to leave there with a sense of satisfaction with life as a whole. Cocktails are a little on the pricey side but they are made with love by the sexy Spanish version of bae, with an accent and body that you won’t forget in a hurry- even if the rest of the day is a blur. Check the website for events or head there on a Sunday for the pool party of your life. The DJ’s are on point and when you are suddenly surrounded by Brazilian Dancers, saxophonists and beautiful people you can’t help but have this overwhelming feeling which is combination of love, freedom, happiness and excitement.

Email for a bed reservation as these get booked out quickly, you will be asked to pay a deposit (season dependable) to secure your booking. Some beds even include a bottle of bubbles which really compliments the sophistication of the venue. Typically these range between 315-650 Euros. Nikki is just a €30 taxi journey from Puerto Banus and a 20 minute taxi ride.

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